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New York December 26, 2017 Happy Hippo Developments has experienced a surge in consumer subscription of its We Hue (, an innovative smart home mobile application optimized for Philips Hue smart lighting control, which it claims is fueled partly by the year-end mass market advertising driving popularity and adoption of voice control speakers (i.e. Amazon Alexa and Google Home) and combination of Philips Hue lights as one of its primary voice control smart home device apps. Last week Happy Hippo Developments announced, “We Hue is positioned as Bent On Making Smart Home Control Simpler” (

While numerous reports speak to the increasing penetration of US households adopting voice control speakers, Juniper Research highlighted in its market analysis that the “majority of voice assistant usage won’t be through these in-home devices. Instead, the most usage will occur on smartphones, with over 5 billion assistants installed on smartphones worldwide by 2022.” ( This market trend underscores the importance of continued, complementary, user-optimized smart home mobile apps combined with voice-controlled skills that are architected for everyday consumer needs.

“For me and my wife, it (We Hue) does the basics extremely well which is what we do most of the time” says Dentalpas, user on We Hue Apple Store reviews.

The We Hue App works with all Philips Hue lights, bridges (both square and round), Philips Hue dimmer switches, sensors and accessories. The hallmark of We Hue is the “all in one” navigation view inclusive of all everyday use smart light control elements that provide quick access to rooms (and groups) control with simple flick and swipe button navigation, prevalent scene selection, light & accessory configuration, and user-valued personalization. Even more, We Hue boasts the easiest mobile app on the market permitting whole home scaling of 75, 100, 175 or even more Philips Hue lights.

“It took me literally seconds to connect my bridge and have access to all my Hue lights. The navigation is really what differentiates this app and its perfect for those who have a lot lights.” says BagelBoy2, user on We Hue Apple Store reviews.

Happy Hippo Developments will be available for #CES2018 in Las Vegas for press, analyst, and partner meetings.

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